The Strawberry Lane area forms part of Constantia Rural comprising a few hundred homes. It has no suitable mast sites and in the 18 years that this community has vigorously objected to the unconstitutional erection of masts here we have connected with many other objecting groups. Information received from members of our own community & further afield have been collated on our community website This not only gives contexts to some of our concerns but continues to aid others as well.

Strawberry Lane Action Group:

Alastair Davidson Allan Kaplan Elle Koen
Helen Dix Jacqueline Edmiston Johans Borman
Julian Hansen Justine Hansen Marco Belzou
Matthew Pfaff Nicola Marshall Richard Dales
Sherriden Davidson Sue Patterson-Jones Stephen Marshall

Members of the current Action Group have volunteered their time, energy and financial resources to research, build awareness and oppose masts in this small area where no suitable site exists. Outside of the existing Action Group, other neighbouring families were also instrumental in the removal of masts from the Strawberry Lane area over the last 18 years and there has been overwhelming support from the majority of homes in the area (142 out of 151 homes polled in Nov 2014). We also all have jobs and families that need our attention and urge that once again the existing illegal mast in our midst be removed. With greater emphasis placed on newer technologies such as fibre cabling and femtocells as well as education on safer and more appropriate use of communication technology.

Mailing list: Helen –

Webmaster: Jacqui –

Contact: Nicola –

Contact: Justine –

Selection of comments from Strawberry Lane neighbours not in the Action Group (Nov 2014 survey)

  • “Strongly object, no consultation”
  • “Listen to the community!!”
  • “Do not want it in our area. Stop your bad business practise.”
  • “Objection to installation”
  • “Would like better reception but not at inconvenience to neighbourhood”
  • “No thanks!!!”
  • “Take it down.”
  • “Blow it up!”
  • “Remove it!”
  • “Dangerous to health”
  • “This is the 4th time I have had to fight these towers. Why must we constantly be dictacted to.”
  • “We do not want a cell mast and believe we have a right to say no”
  • “Outrageous!! Take it down”
  • NO
  • “Don’t want a tower!”
  • “Completely opposed to this mast!! NO MAST”
  • “Please don’t come anywhere near my home!!”
  • “The will of the majority has not been respected. Take it down”
  • “Objection to installation. Listen to the community!”
  • “We don’t want it!”
  • “Do not want the mast”
  • “No damn mast!”
  • “We do not want a cell mast – still”
  • “It must go!”
  • “Health reasons. I object”
  • “Take it down. Do not support. NO”
  • “No!!!”
  • “We need justice!
  • “I object to presence of mast”
  • “threat to health of residents esp children”
  • “Do not agree!”
  • “I object 100% to the mast”
  • “Definitely object”
  • “I strongly object to the MTN mast with well researched health hazards of serious nature”
  • “The unauthorized installation goes directly against any rights as citizens to live in a safe environment”
  • “Not conducive for children and teenagers”
  • “Not appropriate or necessary in a residential area”
  • “No to cancer!
  • “Radiation in suburban area too close to home”
  • “Firmly object to the mast!!”
  • “NO cellmast wanted”
  • “Radiation, unsightly, devalues home”
  • “A serious violation of personal freedom in not seeking local agreement”
  • “Don’t want it in our area. Stop your bad business practice”
  • “Listen to the communty”
  • “No mast!!”
  • “Definitely do not want the mast”
  • “Object to erection of cellphone mast without proper notice”
  • “Firmly object to the mast!!”
  • “Concerns over health issues for our young kids and family”
  • “Strongly object to this installation!”
  • “Get the people in the area to say yay or nay before erecting”
  • “NO CANCER! We have children – our future.”
  • “No disclosure”
  • “Please consult us”
  • “Absolutely against mast installation”
  • “Not in residential area. Have two young children”
  • “I object!!!!!!!!!!”
“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.” Gandhi



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