Objection to Council Draft Policy

Press Release: 25 Nov 2014 EMRSA Press Release 2014 11 25

Objection to Council Draft Policy: 31 Aug 2014 Draft TI Policy 2014 – Objection

Letter to government: May 2014 Open letter to Helen Zille

Extract: We call on you and the government to take measures to apply the Precautionary Principle.

In your 2014 Election Manifesto, you confirm that “communities should be involved in the decisions that affect them.”

It is critical that some action is taken now to prevent this ongoing degradation of people’s health and the environment. ICASA, the Departments of Health and Environmental Affairs have failed the South African public in this regard and ignored all reports that they have received. It is also your responsibility to ensure the well-being and safe development of our future generation.

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